Jobs for Gungahlin, not Armidale

By 17 April 2019 No Comments

Independent Senate Candidate for the ACT, Anthony Pesec, has called for an end to the transfer of public service jobs out of the national capital. And he has vowed, if elected, to use his vote in the Senate to block any further transfers to regional centres.

“The shifting of public service functions out of Canberra has become a political game in recent years,” Mr Pesec said.

“That game has been driven by the need to shore up marginal seats in regional areas, not by the efficiency of the Australian Public Service.

“In recent years Canberra has not had a player in that game, within the government, willing to go in hard for its interests.

“Zed Seselja, in particular, has been missing in action.

“Canberra deserves better. As an ACT independent senator, I would never stand by lamely while a government took jobs away from our city for purely political purposes.

“The move of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to Armidale has been a disaster, for example. The authority has lost key personnel and its functionality has been compromised.

“The only jobs transfers that should occur are within our city. Despite the promises of both major parties, Gungahlin continues to lack a major public service employment centre.

“I am willing to use my vote in the Senate to bargain for the next public service entity to be created being located in Gungahlin.

“Gungahlin has more than twice the population of Armidale. This is where an Australian government needs to be investing in jobs growth.

“If the new government elected in May wants support from an independent ACT senator, it will need to show its bona fides about supporting employment and growth in Gungahlin.

“That support will come at a cost. My vote in exchange for jobs in Gungahlin,” Mr Pesec said.

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