Restore national role in Canberra planning

By 17 April 2019 No Comments

Independent Senate Candidate for the ACT, Anthony Pesec, has called for strengthened Federal oversight of planning in the ACT.

Mr Pesec said that he was appalled by many recent developments which had seriously compromised Canberra’s national capital values.

“And there are other initiatives in the pipeline which will irreparably damage the fabric of what should be a national showpiece”, he said.

Mr Pesec said that if elected he would fight for adequate resourcing for the National Capital Authority to enable it to do its job.

“The NCA has been starved of funding for years under both Labor and Coalition governments, severely compromising its ability to hire enough skilled planning staff and maintain and improve areas of Canberra under its control.”

Mr Pesec said he would also push for the re-establishment of the position of Minister for the ACT.

“Successive Federal Ministers responsible for territories have shown little or no interest in Canberra, and very few people would know the name of the current responsible Minister.

“Canberra needs an advocate in the Federal parliament to ensure the national capital does not continue to fall victim to the whims of the ACT Government.

“Our local Senator Zed Seselja has failed dismally in this role.

“The Barr Government has demonstrated time and time again that it is not interested in maintaining Canberra’s status as a planned city of world importance.

“Instead it is focussed on turning it into a poor-person’s version of Sydney or Melbourne, and selling off prime public land to raise money.

“This is highlighted by the ACT Government’s decisions to secretly oppose the heritage listing of Canberra and to steam ahead with the disastrous West Basin development which will compromise the heritage and environmental values of Lake Burley Griffin.”

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