Senate race about Territory rights: Pesec

By 23 April 2019 No Comments

The ACT Senate contest is about who will stand up for the rights of Canberrans to make decisions about their own future, independent Senate candidate Anthony Pesec said today.

“The choice is clear: I will defend the right of Canberra citizens to make their own decisions, whereas Zed Seselja will not”, Mr Pesec said.

He highlighted legislation last year to repeal the so-called Andrews Act, which prevents the ACT parliament from legislating on euthanasia in the same way that state parliaments can.

“Senator Seselja had the choice between backing the rights of Canberra citizens to make their own decisions and backing Coalition conservatives who wanted to take those rights away. Astonishingly, he chose the latter.

“The ACT has the best-educated, best-informed and most politically-literate population in the country. If it doesn’t have the sophistication and the wit to make decisions about issues like euthanasia, nobody does.

“Right now, Canberrans need someone who will stand up for them. Senator Seselja won’t do that, but I will.

“I note that it was the Canberra Liberals under Kate Carnell who argued strongly for the right of ACT citizens to make democratic choices on such issues in 1997, when the Andrews Bill was before the Federal Parliament.

“How ironic that 20 years later Liberal Senator Zed Seselja has trashed that legacy.

“He was the only ACT federal representative to vote against the bill to repeal the Andrews Act. That was shameful.

“The people of Canberra need somebody who will stand up for them all the time.

“I am that man.” Mr Pesec said.

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