An Independent ACT senator “key to stopping brain drain”

By 26 April 2019No Comments

Breaking the two-party model of ACT Senate representation is the key to stopping either major party ripping further public service jobs out of the ACT, Independent Senate candidate Anthony Pesec said today.

His comments came as it was revealed that 7,200 public service jobs have been sucked out of Canberra under the Coalition government since 2013.

“Job transfers as part of a coordinated plan to bolster public service efficiency have their place,” Mr Pesec said.

“But the jobs cut from Canberra in the last five years have been neither planned nor efficient.

“The Canberra Business Chamber CEO has confirmed that this government’s moves to decentralise have not been coherent, sophisticated or strategic.

“He’s right – the shift of jobs elsewhere is more about pork-barrelling than it is about an efficient public service.

“But I predict this will happen again, no matter who wins on 18 May.

“That’s why Canberra needs an Independent in the Senate, prepared to use his vote to protect ACT jobs in a way current senators have not been.

“If elected, I pledge that any Federal government seeking to move public service jobs out of Canberra will have me to reckon with.

“My cooperation on that government’s program will be directly linked to whether it is prepared to guarantee public service jobs stay in Canberra.

“Anything less would be a betrayal of the people of this city.

“Loss of efficiency and bureaucratic expertise is only one issue. Another is the knock-on to local businesses when jobs are shifted interstate.

“In particular, Zed Seselja has stood by lamely while Barnaby Joyce and other ministers have carried off his constituents.

“Instead, Canberrans need someone who will fight for this city, its people and its economic vitality,” Mr Pesec said.

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