No preference deals for me: Pesec

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Independent ACT Senate candidate Anthony Pesec said today that he is not entering into any preference deals with any other ACT Senate candidates and will not be recommending any preferences.

Mr Pesec said, “As an Independent I want my supporters to make their own decisions about where their preferences should go in the ACT Senate contest.

“Labor and the Greens have made a preference-swap deal, while the Liberals have made an unconscionable deal with Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

“Under the new Senate voting rules introduced prior to the 2016 election, voters have the choice of numbering at least 1-6 boxes above the line or 1-12 candidates below the line.

“Those of my supporters that are most concerned about removing hard-right Liberal Senator Zed Seselja should put him well down their list. Conversely, those that are more concerned about not electing a Labor or Greens Senator should put them well down their list.

“The one recommendation I will make is that the people of Canberra firmly reject the divisive extremism of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

“With seven groups above the line on the ACT Senate ballot, voters can cast a formal vote while leaving the Conservative National Party’s box blank.”

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