Pesec calls for West Basin halt

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Independent Senate Candidate for the ACT, Anthony Pesec, has called for a halt to planning for an apartment development at Lake Burley Griffin’s West Basin.

“Public meeting after public meeting has called for an end to this ill-judged proposal to fill in part of the Lake, one of the most recognisable and loved features of our national capital.

“Yet the ACT Government and the National Capital Authority press on regardless.

“I am extremely disappointed that neither of the ACT’s current Senate representatives, Zed Seselja and Katie Gallagher, have done anything to address community concern about the West Basin plans, which will severely degrade the environmental, heritage and social values of Lake Burley Griffin.

“The incoming Federal Government should immediately approve the heritage listing of Lake Burley Griffin and its landscape setting to ensure the permanent protection of the lake shores from projects like West Basin which are little more than a blatant revenue grab by the ACT Government.

“The Kingston Foreshore development is an example of what can happen when commercial interests prevail over good planning.

“Our national capital values must never again be traded away for short term budgetary gain.”
Mr Pesec said he recently met with the Guardians of Lake Burley Griffin and was impressed with their commitment to the Lake and its importance to Canberra’s status as a planned city of world renown.

“I support the Guardians’ call for a review of West Basin planning with community involvement.”

Mr Pesec said that if elected to the Senate on 18 May he would press for an inquiry on West Basin by the Federal parliamentary committee on the National Capital and External Territories.

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