Pesec: I will fight for ACT education sector

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Independent Senate ACT candidate, Anthony Pesec, today committed to promoting and protecting the ACT’s education sector, if elected.

“Directly employing 1 in 12 people in the Canberra region and many more indirectly, the education and training sector is clearly one of our most important”, Mr Pesec said.

“I am a product of the ACT public school system and the Australian public university system. I am concerned about a range of challenges facing the sector, including the undermining of academic and institutional freedom, increasing job insecurity, decreasing academic standards and high levels of student debt.

“If elected, I will work to:

  • ensure university autonomy and academic freedom are protected;
  • increase public funding for research as an investment in our future;
  • reverse the freeze on university funding; and,
  • return the billions of dollars taken out of TAFE funding in recent years.

“I will work to ensure the rights of education staff are given greater protection, particularly by reducing the level of insecure employment.

“I will work to reduce the barrier to accessing tertiary education posed by ever increasing fees, which affects many Australians.

“For the primary and secondary sectors, I will work to ensure proper resourcing for schools to address compounding disadvantage, will push for investment in four year olds, will advocate to replace NAPLAN and to raise entry standards for teaching qualifications.

“I believe passionately in a future where Australia is a global leader in and a major exporter of clean, renewable energy and other technology. It is self-evident that if we are to realise that future then we need a properly-resourced, independent and sustainable education and training sector.

“If elected, I will do everything I can to achieve those outcomes.”

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