Pesec: I am the only candidate that can defeat Zed

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Anthony Pesec said today that he is the only candidate with a realistic chance of defeating the incumbent Liberal Senator, Zed Seselja.

“The maths is pretty simple. It is a virtual certainty that Labor will secure the first Senate seat, but there simply aren’t enough left-of-centre voters in the ACT to elect two left-of-centre Senators.

“I therefore urge voters who believe that Zed Seselja should not be returned to consider this reality.

“I have received feedback at the pre-poll booths from many Labor voters that they understand this and have therefore given me their second preference.

“I hope that non-Labor voters will also consider this reality when casting their vote in the Senate.

“A vote for any of the minor parties or ungrouped candidates could help re-elect Zed.

“I am focused on urgent action on climate change, creating a National Integrity Commission, protecting our public service and education sectors and respecting the right of Canberrans to make their own decisions on important social issues through the ACT Legislative Assembly.”

Mr Pesec also disclosed the funding sources for his campaign.

“I have received a number of reports that other election candidates and their volunteers have been telling voters that I am funded by GetUp.

“That is completely untrue. The only interaction I or my campaign team have had with GetUp was to complete a policy survey they sent to us.

“I have received no funding from GetUp, nor from any union or political party.

“My campaign is primarily self-funded, though I have received a contribution from Mr Alex Turnbull, as well as from Climate 200 – a newly-formed organisation supporting candidates supporting genuine climate action, and a number of small donations from people across Canberra.

“I find it pretty ironic that the people who have been spreading falsehoods about who is funding my campaign represent a party that has consistently resisted the implementation of real-time donation disclosure.

“If elected, implementing real-time donation disclosure will be another of my high priorities.”

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