Political donation disclosure reform a top priority

By 08 May 2019No Comments

Anthony Pesec said today that meaningful reform to the political donation disclosure requirements must be addressed by the next parliament as a top order priority to help restore trust in our democracy.

“The major parties have long resisted serious reform of how and when political donations are disclosed, and the Australian people deserve better.

“I am committed to implementing a system of rapid disclosure of significant political donations and to lowering the disclosure threshold to $5,000.

“Voters need to know who is funding candidates before they cast their votes.

“Disclosable donations should therefore be published within two working days of receipt. Significant financial penalties should apply to candidates that do not comply.

“I have voluntarily disclosed who is helping to fund my campaign, and I call on all other candidates to do likewise.”

Mr Pesec also called for the strengthening of the lobbyists register and for ministerial diaries to be published.

“The Australian people also need to know who is meeting with ministers, and who those people represent.

“Much greater transparency is clearly needed and will help to ensure that governments are properly accountable.

“These reforms, along with a comprehensive National Integrity Commission along the lines of that proposed by Cathy McGowan, the former member for Indi, are essential to achieve a restoration of trust in Australia’s democratic system.”

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