Pesec: hands off the ABC and SBS

By 16 May 2019No Comments

Independent Senate Candidate for the ACT, Anthony Pesec, has called for guaranteed multi-year funding for the ABC and SBS free from political interference.

“The ABC is a treasured national cultural institution which has been used as a political football for far too long”, Mr Pesec said.

“The ABC provides a range of quality programming and regional television and radio services that are simply unavailable on commercial networks.

“The blatant examples of media bias that have characterised this election campaign highlight more than ever the need for a national publicly-funded broadcaster with a fearless, independent board.

“Like any institution, the ABC is not perfect but without it the quality of public news and debate in Australian would be severely diminished”, Mr Pesec said.

Mr Pesec said he supported Labor’s policy to reverse recent funding cuts to the ABC and guarantee funding stability beyond the three-year budget cycle.

“Funding for the ABC should not be left to the short-term whims of the annual budget cycle.

“This makes it impossible for the ABC to properly plan to comply with its Charter responsibilities and exposes it to the risk of political payback if its programming displeases the government of the day.

“If elected to the Senate I will push for new selection and appointment arrangements to stop the blatant politicisation of the ABC board which has undermined the ABC’s credibility and effectiveness”, Mr Pesec said.

Mr Pesec said that the ABC was appreciated and relied upon by the majority of Canberrans and he would ensure that this would be reflected in his support for the ABC in the Senate.

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