What I stand for

01. Climate Change

The ACT is leading the Australia’s clean energy boom despite a national energy policy vacuum for over a decade. However, it shouldn’t be up to just a few states and territories to punch above our weight to help reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

As Australia’s old coal fired generators retire we need a sensible energy policy that considers environmental impact, energy security, lower energy costs and job creation.

  • Commit to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees
  • Ensuring Australia is a leader and exporter of clean energy technology
  • Restore an independent and science-based climate change authority
  • Support industries in the ACT that are already leading the shift to cleaner energy
  • Oppose the Adani mine

02. A Strong Economy

As a small business owner I understand the need for government to reduce taxes and red tape so we can get on with creating jobs and opportunities.

  • Support market-based solutions to ensure a stable economy and will oppose unnecessary over-regulation
  • Oppose Labor’s flawed franking credits policy
  • Oppose changes to negative gearing in a falling housing market
  • Prioritise reducing taxes for businesses and individuals

03. Tackling political corruption

The new Parliament elected on 18 May must have at the top of its agenda the creation of a National Integrity Commission to restore public confidence that questionable transactions that may involve corruption or conflict of interests of members of Parliament should be investigated.

  • A comprehensive National Integrity Commission (Federal ICAC) with retrospective powers
  • Real-time disclosure of political donations, lowering the disclosure limit
  • Proper resourcing of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
  • Extending the Privacy Act to apply to politicians and political parties

04. Better Healthcare

I am strong supporter of our health care here in the ACT. But it’s no secret that our hospitals beds are often at full capacity and there are long waits in the emergency ward.

  • No cuts to health and Medicare funding
  • More resources for aged care, mental health, and fixing the NDIS
  • Listen to the concerns our doctors and health staff and act on their advice

05. Respect Territory Rights

The ACT has the best-educated, best-informed and most politically-literate population in the country. If it doesn’t have the sophistication and the wit to make decisions about issues like euthanasia, nobody does.

I will work to repeal the Andrews bill and will defend the right of Canberra citizens to make their own decisions on complex social issues, including euthanasia and abortion, through the ACT Legislative Assembly.

06. Protect our National Institutions

I support properly funding our national institutions, not just the Australian War Memorial.

Our national institutions are vital to Canberra in terms of employment, attracting tourists to the city and in preserving and presenting their great collections.

But these organisations are severely impeded by the continued impact of the efficiency dividend and average staffing level caps. I will fight for abolition of the efficiency dividend and staffing cap on Canberra’s national institutions.

07. Defend our Public Service

Canberra is proud to be the nation’s capital and the Australian Public Service is vital to ensure our democracy thrives and the people of Australia get good government. I will defend the Australian Public Service and local ACT jobs.

  • Fight to retain public services here and prevent decentralisation like that of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority which was moved out by Barnaby Joyce in 2016
  • Support a strong and fearless independent public service
  • Lobby to create Australian Public Service jobs in Gungahlin
  • No cuts to the ABC or SBS

08. Proper Planning in the ACT

The National Capital Authority has been starved of funding for years, severely compromising its ability to hire enough skilled planning staff and maintain and improve areas of Canberra under its control.

I will ensure the national capital does not continue to fall victim to the whims of the ACT Government.

  • Fight for adequate funding of the NCA
  • Push for the re-establishment of the position of Minister for the ACT